I am blessed to have the life I do. Loved and cherished, have had good opportunities for education and have been able to make a good career for myself.
And yet, if something doesn’t go the way its supposed to, I used to tend to get upset, to complain, about why it went wrong. Even though I used to say am a positive person, I would spend far too much time focusing on what went wrong.

And then I stumbled on to a quote that changed my life:“The glass is not half empty or half full. It’s always completely full. Half with water, and half with air”.

In other words, there is something good in everything. No matter how hard a situation seems, or how much we want to complain, if we can just change our perspective of looking at a situation, we will find something good.

Why, then, do so many of us, not see everything as fullfull? When things don’t go according to plan, things we would love to happen, doesn’t, things happen that we find bothersome, we express it with complaints, and thus spoil our own mood, and maybe of those near us, instead of finding the good thing in it, and enjoying the moment, no matter what?

Only when we take a step back and look at a situation fully, can we see how wonderful it really is, and how the air-full side is leading to a good thing. Always. I have decided to start doing this in my life, and each day, I will write something here, no matter how small, where things bothered me, and yet I applied my FF policy.

If there are any of you out there who would also like to share your experiences, how you did the FF, please feel free to post in the comments. Would love to be inspired by you too! Remember, your mood, your happiness, is in your hands alone! Be #PowerfullyYou.