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gratitude perspective positivity

Stranded & Helpless in China at Midnight!!! But We Still Felt Powerful.

This is going to be a nice adventure story, so hang on till the end for the best part 😉 So there we were, all happy and excited in Beijing, having finished visiting most of its sights, having soaked in some diverse experiences, and ready to move on to the next adventure! But before that, …

gratitude perspective positivity

My Instant Happiness and Energy Boosts…Nope, it’s Not Food ;)

Feeling low about something? Discouraged/ upset? Or just…blaaah? You know, those times when you don’t really feel anything, but are not feeling super charged either? Maybe you’re just going about life, doing things, solving problems, getting chores off your never-ending to-do lists. Doesn’t matter where you are currently, or how you feel. You can get happy …