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Stranded & Helpless in China at Midnight!!! But We Still Felt Powerful.

This is going to be a nice adventure story, so hang on till the end for the best part 😉 So there we were, all happy and excited in Beijing, having finished visiting most of its sights, having soaked in some diverse experiences, and ready to move on to the next adventure! But before that, …

gratitude perspective positivity

My Instant Happiness and Energy Boosts…Nope, it’s Not Food ;)

Feeling low about something? Discouraged/ upset? Or just…blaaah? You know, those times when you don’t really feel anything, but are not feeling super charged either? Maybe you’re just going about life, doing things, solving problems, getting chores off your never-ending to-do lists. Doesn’t matter where you are currently, or how you feel. You can get happy …

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When Life Gets You Down, This is Why You Should Think About the Trees in Winter

Barren. Gloomy. Brown. Almost dead. That’s how the trees in the winter look, don’t they? I don’t know about you, but 8 years ago, I saw them for the first time, and frankly, just wanted to run from them like hell! I missed my tropical green…:( I first arrived in Europe in the fall. And in …

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When Pain Knocked Me Out, and I Woke Up to Some Harsh Truths

Ever been in gut-wrenching pain, that made your face all crinkly? Ever tried to move your body parts, and have it refuse to listen, like a broken toy? Ever gave your full energy to conduct a simple everyday habit, and failed miserably? No? Lucky, lucky, you! And pray till kingdom comes, that you never know …

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Why and How, Even Being a Perfectionist, I Gave Up on Perfection

They say Virgos are perfectionists. As someone of that sun sign, I had no trouble believing that about myself from an early age! I tried to maintain very high standards of both quality and quantity of work, pushed myself constantly to achieve those standards, and I was actually very proud about that! In interviews, when …