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A Lucky Midnight Snack ;)

So recently we were on this holiday, and had gone for a very nice meal in a restaurant nearby. The dish I ordered was truly delicious. The only challenge? As with many fine dining places, the portion size didn’t turn out to be very big 😉 Would have been ok, except that I had gone for a big workout before, and had been STARVING! To quote Alex, “the meal was hardly a drop of water on a hot stone”.

And as we didn’t want to spend more money on another dish, and I wasn’t hungry enough for a full one either, we thought we would get something else later on the street next to the hotel. There were some roadside shops which sold pizza slices and fried meatballs. Not my choice of food normally, and definitely not the best quality of food, but hey! It’s food, after all!

But as we got back, most of the places were closed, and it was too cold to be outside, anyway. So we headed back to the hotel, and a couple of hours later, I had such bad hunger pangs, I couldn’t sleep! All my tossing and turning and filing up on water and imagining myself to be full wouldn’t work. No room service for food at that time of the night too 🙁

Then I had an inspiration! I remembered that at the reception downstairs, there always seemed to be some fruit! Maybe they were free, too? So I headed down in my pyjamas, and sheepishly asked the person at the counter if I could take an apple and an orange;)

He happily said yes, but that wasn’t all! He asked me if I needed more, and then disappeared. When he came back, he had a whole plate of assorted fruit, nicely packed, along with cutlery, from the kitchen! All for free! He didn’t really have to, but it was so sweet of him!!

So I headed up to my room and greedily munched on a whole lot of fresh fruit which not only filled me up, I was happy I was gorging on healthy, delicious. stuff and not the greasy, probably 2-day old pizza slices from the street place. And besides, this was free, too 🙂

My FF thought of the day: Sometimes we don’t find find what we’re looking for, but we find something even better. Sometimes we find what we would be happiest with, even though we hadn’t thought about it before. And sometimes, we find it in unexpected places, through the kindness of others, even if we haven’t asked for it. And sometimes, maybe we could even try to remember to pass the kindness forward.

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