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An Inconvenient Hotel Became Multiple Nice Stays :)

I have learnt through my life experiences that whatever you focus on, be it negative or positive, can come true. And this weekend was just another example of that.

Alex and I were supposed to meet my brother and his wife in Amsterdam last weekend, and we wanted to stay over in the city for one night. As we had booked a hotel last minute, the cheapest one we found was at the airport. It was a 20 minute train ride from the city centre, where we would be hanging out mostly, but couldn’t be helped. We really, really wished we had found something in the city though. Too bad.

Anyway, so on the day, we called the hotel to request a late check in, and we were then informed, that the hotel is actually a TRANSIT one, and we would need an outward flight and a boarding pass to check in there! As our commute was via train, obviously we didn’t have a boarding pass, and it was clear that we wouldn’t be able to stay there, even though it was paid for. It wasn’t very clear on the website when we booked the tickets. Oh well.

So after the initial disbelief and frustration, it was time to look for another hotel for the night, and guess what??

We found something cheaper, better quality, and very close to the city centre! The hotel had just recently opened up, so had not shown in our searches before!

And because it was new, it was super clean, in the best shape, they had heated floors, and, and…free espresso! We really couldn’t believe our luck! What we had really wished for, came true. So the weekend of course went amazing.

So the question was, what about the 120 euros we had paid earlier in the previous hotel? We tried to get a refund which they denied, but they offered us a voucher of the same amount, which we can encash anytime, if we are in transit. Or we can give it away to someone else. Wait, am not done yet 😉
The 120 euros could be split by number of hours of stay, so we don’t have to use it all at one go…multiple transit flights, multiple hours of sleep in the same hotel, for anyone we chose to!

So, all ended not just well, but fabulously! We got a hotel in the city, and we can relax any time we have long transits. Alex actually has one in October, so we could probably encash it then. If any of you want to take it from us, please also feel free to let me know 🙂

To be absolutely honest, yes, we didn’t really NEED a transit hotel. But we were soooo grateful for having a hotel in the Amsterdam city on the weekend, and it would be really NICE to have a place to relax for long transits in AMS. Maybe someone who really NEEDS it could also buy it from us! Who knows?

My FF thought of the day: Sometimes when we want something, it may not come to us easily, or in the way we expected. Maybe it could also come through a potential loss. The important thing is, to gratefully receive what we wanted, and look for solutions to overcome any adversity that arises because of the gain 🙂

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  1. I’ve never heard of a transit hotel, it’s so odd they turn you away because you want to stay there for an extended period of time. Glad it ended well for you though 🙂

    1. Thanks Becky! Yes we were quite surprised too, and obviously a bit frustrated too, but then, all’s well that ends well, indeed 😉

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