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Cheers to International Friendships ;)

There are 2 kinds of people in this world. One, who grow up in a certain place and tend to live there almost their whole lives. They are lucky to have a certain group of constant friends, whom they have probably grown up with. They talk and meet regularly, and it’s like family.

Then there are the nomads. They live in different regions, sometimes different continents, and they make new friends wherever they go. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes hard.
Sometimes the friends they make move, or the nomads move, and they are back to making new friends.

And that is my story. Having lived in many places across the world, my friends are everywhere, from China, Japan, India, Singapore, Philipplines, to France, Netherlands, UK, Hungary, to Africa, USA, and South America.

Alex asked me the other day if I missed having a network like him, right next to me. Well of course I would like friends around me and not have to make new ones always. Of course I want to be able to meet my closest friends whenever I want.
I don’t have that.

What I DO have, is the knowledge that no matter where they are, no matter how infrequently we talk, my friends are reachable at a moment’s notice. What I DO have, are friends all over the world who love me and I feel close to. And whenever an opportunity arises, sometimes in a few years, we meet up, pick up easily from where we left off, and renew our bond all over again.

And not just that, what I have additionally, and I feel blessed with, are amazing opportunities to experience more of the world through these international friends. Because of our different international and work environments, we have our own knowledge and perspectives of things, and it’s so exciting to share and discuss and learn from each other when we meet. It’s like I may not be in 10 countries all at once, but feel like I am, because I see the world through these friends. Needless to say, when we meet, we could go on for hours and we never want to say goodbye!

Like recently, I had friends visit Netherlands from California and Japan. Was seeing them after 5 years! And we had some amazing times chatting, catching up on each other’s lives, and experiencing different aspects of the world through each other.

We are all part of an international community, which is almost a different planet, from the ones that many other people have. And we are not similar, we don’t do the same things, but we get each others’ struggles and triumphs, we don’t judge, we just connect and accept and love. Yes we don’t meet every day, but I am incredibly lucky to have these friends, and happy and grateful for each precious moment we spend together, for how they inspire me, and help me learn and grow!

When we say goodbye we don’t know after how many years we will meet again, but that’s perfectly all right, because those few hours we met, were soooo worth it, like a recharge in life!!

Thank you to all my international friends who make me feel blessed for their friendships!

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