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From Stinking Trash to a Spic-n-Span House ;)

IMO, there are very few smells I’ve smelt which are worse than rotten food. Like in the kitchen trash bin. And yesterday I realized we had been about 2 days late in throwing out the trash. So not only did it stink like no other thing can in the house, it also attracted the trash flies. Oh, the horror! And I realized we had been late, because when I opened the bin, 2 of these insects flew out! 😱😱😱

But in Netherlands, it’s also a bit complicated to throw the trash because you need a card and have to go to a special place, etc. So like a smart girl, I let Alex do it 😉 But he was at work, with the card!

To to distract myself from balancing being horrified at the flies with being impatient for the evening to arrive so Alex could come home and we could get rid of the trash, I completely focused on work, and soon had hunger pangs for lunch! Wondering what to eat, I remembered we have some leftovers.

But guess what? I saw that the leftovers had gone bad too…hmm, our fridge really can’t cope up with the heat, but that’s another story. So I was gonna throw them away. And I thought while am at it, why not see if there is something else to be trashed too? And I came across these little things here and there which there was absolutely no use for. You know, those things you keep because you think you may use or eat again, but then you totally forget about them? And when you reopen them after ages, even a whiff of the terrible smell coming from it may want you to throw up?

So I took all of those out and added them to the trash bag, very carefully opening it and throwing stuff in, with wrist flicks that would make any cricket bowler proud.

As the fridge emptied up, I was like, well why not clean it then too. And so I did! Rubbed and scrubbed and polished till it…well, not exactly shone, but at least till it was spic and span. And smelled much better too! So proud of myself 😉 Honestly, if in the morning someone would have said I would be spending 2 hours cleaning the fridge that day, I would have laughed. But it somehow happened!

And, it’s great that the spoiled leftovers go out with this trash bag, so for the next week, the trash will have less of the bad stuff, and won’t smell as bad 🙂 🙂 All in all, an afternoon well spent and awesome results achieved. Funny how something starts and ends up totally different 😉

My FF thought of the day: This may sound a bit philosophical, but I realized, sometimes we all have stuff which we think stinks, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe they are still there because they are not all that which has to be thrown away. Maybe it’s just a signal that a full spring cleaning, getting rid of all stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore, and getting fresh and rejuvenated, is in order. Be it in fridges or life. So even stinking trash may not be a bad thing…it’s all about how you look at it

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