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Here comes the sun :)

Growing up in a tropical country like India, and then living in the desert country of Dubai, the sun and heat was the norm for me, and also a reason to complain. It was always too hot and I never appreciated the value of it.

And then I came to Europe in the fall of 2010, to stay. Come winter, the mood all around definitely turned to cranky and gloomy, even though most of us tried to face it happily. It was my 1st experience of living without the sun for so many years.

And then, May 2011: Springtime going on summer!

Oh, the warm embrace of the sun rays as you step out of your apartment into a street which only seemed black and damp before, but now seemed brightly lit up with joy! The cozy glow of the sunshine permeating your soft, jacket-less attire, and soaking into every pore of your skin, giving you goosebumps! The happy faces all around basking in the bright light, staying outside as much as possible, greedily soaking up every second of the warm delight.

The relief of not having to spend 10 minutes just piling on extra layers of clothes before you step out into the cold.

The happy feeling of wearing shorts and flip flops and having to put on your sunglasses to avoid the sunshine in your eyes, but praying that it stays on your shoulders, with the sun never hiding behind a cloud. The hop, skip, and jump in your step.

Even imagining all of that makes me feel there is sunshine right beside me, every time, and sparks the feeling of being giddy with happiness. Now I know why so many people are addressed as ‘sunshine’ by their loved ones. It’s a blessing no one can disagree with, especially those living in cold and wet countries.

Now that I am back after 3 years in Asia (Singapore) and living in Netherlands, the sun coming out, is again a reason for joy. Every single time!

So I am much more appreciative of the sun even when I go to tropical countries now, even at 40 degrees, remembering that even if something looks like a bother in some circumstances, it can be a gift in others.


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