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It is Just an Ordinary Day…Or Is it?

It’s just a regular day.
No public holiday, no special celebrations, and no, it’s not even the weekend,
Yet as I sipped my tea looking out from my balcony, I thought, this is another remarkable day!

The sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze on my balcony, things are in order on this day

Another day that me and all my loved ones are in great health

A day that can bring small, beautiful moments, and exciting new opportunities

A chance to say hello to an old friend

To relook with fresh eyes at that presentation I’ve been working on the last few days

A day to have a sweat-dripping, exhilarating workout and really get the adrenaline flowing

A moment in which to laugh uncontrollably till I cry, at something that actually makes no sense at all

To swirl around a rich piece of chocolate in the mouth and feel the intense pleasure

Maybe today is a day in which a phone will come which can lead to new treasures

To seal a deal

Or a potential new client making inquiries

A friend suggesting a crazy adventure

Family making plans to visit

Or a day when I will finally have an aha! moment of self-realization that will change me forever

Or when I will stumble upon a precious belonging that I thought I had lost

Or a day in which I will watch or read something that will truly amaze and inspire me

Can this day bring disappointment? Sure it can. Pain? Betrayal? Yes, yes, and yes. Any moment can bring anything. But it will bring good things too…what I focus on, will be my choice…

As the level of my tea slowly reaches the bottom of my cup, and my mind finishes musing about the possibilities of today, I conclude, yes, today is probably just another day which will leave no specific memories…

And yet, maybe, it will…because my mind is limited, it cannot imagine the extent of the countless blessings in the world…if my mind can think all of this, I can only wonder how much I actually have the chance to receive!

I remain, as always, excited with hope…cos, really, it’s a helluva good morning!!

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