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Kindness, Even From Strangers, Can Make Everything Bright :)

In a consumer world, we encounter many different kinds of salepersons in stores. A few days ago, I met 2 extreme kinds.

I had to get some printing and binding done in Aachen, so I went to a shop called Face, known for special printing. They said they couldn’t deliver exactly what I wanted, just something close. But the bigger thing is, was the salesperson there one of his kind! Boy, oh boy!
My file pages weren’t in the order necessary to be printed, so he abruptly asked me to rearrange them, in words that I didn’t really understand. His broken English and my non-existent German didn’t help matters. I was very confused about his instructions, but I said I will try. I went to a corner of the shop and worked on my laptop, to give him the files in the way he wanted.

And then his grumbling and complaining started! About how it shouldn’t be so complicated, a printing like this should take only 10 min, I was wasting his time, etc, etc. Even though I was the one redoing the layout, not him, and he wasn’t even that busy, but anyway…I thought he may have a bad day, so I let him be. I did the layout of a few pages again, and showed him if it was ok for printing. And he said it was fine. So I did all the pages and gave him the file.

He opened the document, and lost it! He started yelling at me, at how this is not at all what he wanted me to do, this was stupid, I was giving him stress, and I should go home and work on it and get out of his sight! Woooow!!! Never had that kind of an experience before in a shop!

Extremely and visibly upset, I just had to get out there. But I had to get the printing done, so I hunted for a different shop, called Copy2000, and there I met an angel man!

He was extremely helpful, kind, gentle, explained the technicalities clearly. He helped to adjust the colors as I wanted, and all the while, running between 11 machines, helping everyone out, giving them the same help, attention, and advice. He stayed in late even, to help everyone out. He went out of hsis way to make sure everyone had what they needed, and fast. He was reassuring, efficient, clear, patient.

After the treatment I was given in the morning, this man’s kindness touched me very deeply. The contrast of behavior between the two men blew my mind. I thanked the 2nd man from the bottom of my heart, as no matter how my day had started, because of him, it ended with compassion.

It’s also wonderful that eventually this shop was cheaper, and had EXACTLY what I had wanted. But if I hadn’t gone to the 1st store, and had that experience, I would have settled for a sort-of-ok stuff that I wanted, at a much higher cost.

But what struck me most were the two dramatically opposite men, and the kindness from the latter man, which probably seemed extra special because of the attitude of the former.

My FF thought* of the day: Sometimes a kind word, a helpful attitude, and a smile, makes a world of difference, more than technical competencies ever could. So as you go about your day, and you meet known and unknown people, you never know whom you’re talking to is in need of a smile. Just give yours freely, spread compassion, help if you can, be kind even when you can’t, and you can make a much bigger impact than you ever thought possible. The man’s attitude brightened my day. You have the power to do that too. To change someone’s life today. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

*FF = Full Full. The glass is not half full, it’s always full full: 1/2 with water, 1/2 with air, even though you can’t see the air. In short, there is always something good in everything.

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