My Story

I am an unwavering optimist, a writer, a mentor, a meditator, a traveler, and a scuba diver .​ The name’s Poulomi, btw 😉

Having gone through an intense personal journey and suffering, which has shaped me to what I am today, I understand the feeling of being stuck and drowning in situations that seem beyond our control, yet of wanting to be happy.

I lost my father when I was 21, have been broke 3X in my life, been made redundant 2X, survived a messy divorce, faced countless accounts of office politics, and am right now hustling in my business. You can read my full story here:

From India and the Middle East to Western Europe, Northern Europe, and back again to North Asia, South-East Asia, I have worked with people of very different cultures. And I am fascinated by how similar we all are, in spite of our differences!

The common thread? We all want to be happy, and, we look for it outside ourselves.

I did too. And in my desperate quest for happiness, I found something even better. The realization that my happiness is totally in my control. Taking baby steps, I can change my thoughts towards finding good and beauty in everything, and peace and joy within myself, always. So now I aspire to find the good in everything that happens. No matter how ‘bad’ it may seem, I know that’s just my perception and labeling. So in my everyday life, I try to see how each situation brings sooo much good, solutions, and joy with it!

And my purpose now is to share my journey openly. Even if one person feels inspired through my stories and also finds happiness every day, my efforts would have been worth it.

Thank you for reading! Would love to hear from you too 🙂 You can be happy this minute too, if you want. Be #PowerfullyYou.

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