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Sometimes You Get What You Want When You Ask a Second Time ;)

My favorite flavour in the world? Salted butter caramels…yummm!!!

The best ones are from Henri Le Roux, available only in France. It’s called Carames au Beurre Salé (CBS ®). My brother had visited Paris recently, and I had asked him to get me some of this toffee when he came to Netherlands, but it was very rushed and he wasn’t able to.

Was disappointed initially, as I had been craving them a lot! Later I found out that two of my friends would be visiting Paris first and Netherlands after that, so I asked them instead. And they both got me a whole lot! Yeah I would have loved to get it the first time, but because I didn’t, I asked 2 other people, whoever could make it. Wasn’t sure either could, but they both did! See, if I would have gotten it from my brother already, I wouldn’t have again asked my friends, and I wouldn’t have gotten so much!

Now I have a stock of CBS ® for the next 2 months! Yayyy!!!!!

My Full Full thought of the day: Sometimes you just have to ask twice 😉 So be patient, and hope for the best! Be #PowerfullyYOU.

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