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I Promised You Hope! And Here You Go…

In the winter I wrote a post about how looking at the barren trees in the winter time always gave me hope. That even though things are bleak now, they will get better soon.

I asked you to keep the faith.

And today I wanted to show you the proof of that!

These are the trees I see everyday on my way to work. Once they looked brown and dull. Today they are sunny and green.

My FF thought of the day: And every thing that’s dull in your life now too, will get better. Just keep the faith. Stay #PowerfullyYOU, and enjoy the spring sun 🙂

*FF = Full Full. The glass is not half full, it’s always full full: 1/2 with water, 1/2 with air, even though you can’t see the air. In short, there is always something good in everything.

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