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Making a Friend…or Two…

Ok so then came Day 2 of Alex being MIA. Had a great time the previous evening making low-cal chips and muffins, and wanted to do something different today. Wasn’t looking forward to the day much by myself again though 🙁

Then I decided to go to Maastricht, which is an hour away, after all. I had texted a few people the day before to check if they want to catch up, but they weren’t free  So thought maybe will walk around a bit and explore new places myself. So I headed there, and spent a few hours walking around the river, checking out the city, sat in a café enjoying the sun. Was a beautiful day!

But then something nice and unexpected happened in the evening! One of the people I had messaged the previous day reached out, and said she was free after all, in 20 minutes! I could pick her up from work. Thanked my lucky stars I was in Maastricht already 😉

Not only did the both of us have a great conversation and dinner, but before that, there was some work party in her office building, she also introduced me to other people at her workplace, and I had a great time chatting with them. Making new friends, especially from different cultures than mine is always so much fun! My friend also offered to introduce me to her HR once I had a work permit, to check for vacancies. Plus, I got free beer in the party 😉

So in the end, it all worked out much better than I could have imgained!

My FF thought of the day: Don’t be shy or proud to hit people with a quick hello and invitation to catch up. And don’t be sad if they aren’t free. You can still do something by yourself, enjoy it to the fullest! And maybe you will end up meeting more people than you imagined, and make new friends and get new opportunities, too.

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