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I Am Enough

I know that I am not perfect, but yet I am. In my own way. There is just one me. And thus only one perfect.

Who am I? That changes each moment. I am not who I was this morning, because I have grown, physically and mentally and spiritually, since then. And what I am right this moment, is absolutely perfect.

Because I am simply work in progress.

There are skills that I want to learn. People I want to meet. Trainings I want to get. More self-development that I want to do. There is no end to growth in life, of experiences.

But this moment, I am where I am, and that is ok. I have reached where I have through a lot of experiences, wanted or unwanted. Through moments of love and happiness and despair and failure. My heart has bled and at times my body too. I have cried in failure, compared myself to others, have somehow managed to come up short, and hated myself. And then I have been stronger and picked myself up and gone through yet more moments. Eventually I have figured out how to love myself instead of asking for love and validation from others. I am kind to myself now like no one else can be. I have realized that I am not better or worse than others, I am just different.

I have survived, I have lived, I have learnt. And the journey goes on.

I will also never be completely perfect according to my aspirations because no matter which level of clarity and strength I reach, I will also want to grow more. Call it a curse or a blessing,

But for now, I am living life, breathing in each moment, expectant of the next. I want a lot in life, but not because there is something lacking. I am beautiful in this moment. I am complete. And that is, in fact, enough.

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