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It’s AllWays AllRight. Don’t Fight the NOW.

Sometimes it all falls apart. Or it seems it does. You had all these fancy plans, and you thought things were going in the right direction. But then nothing came out of it. And all your plans seemed useless and fruitless. Your dreams, your hopes, whether it be of career success, relationships, maybe even financial …

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Mindfulness 40m Below the Sea Level

Meditation, mindfulness have different definitions and meanings, but the concept essentially centers around the idea of controlling one’s mind, being still, present in the moment, simply observing thoughts and emotions, and letting go. It helps you stay calm and control your reactions. And like all wise leaders say, it really helps to lead a happier, …

perspective positivity

If Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Just Make Lemonade, Say Yayyyyyyy!!!

Ok so the only seemingly ‘negative’ thing about lemons, is that they are bitter. But besides that, are you kidding me? It has soooo many awesome uses, it is unbelievable! These are all that you can do with it…speaking from experience 😉 Have a tequila 😉 Use it with baking soda as a natural, effective …