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An Exhausting 3-hr Commute, Or a Fun Day Out?


A few days back, we were supposed to go to Eindhoven for submitting some papers for my residence permit. That’s about an hour’s drive away, and Alex’s friend was going to lend us his car.

But last minute, literally at like midnight the day before, there were some complications, we couldn’t have the car after all, and were left to wonder how we would find a car by 6am the next day! Our appointment was at 9am. Public transport would cost 2X the price, and take 3X the time!

But we had no choice. And by Murphy’s law, when I am at home, of course the sun shines like there is no tomorrow, but on the day of our appointment, of all days, of course it had to pour 😳

So at 6am, we donned our windcheaters and sweaters, and set off, changing buses and trains to get to our destination.

And then some wonderful things happened!

On our way to the office from the Eindhoven train station, we saw some interesting places, and thought why not visit them?

So after the appointment, we found a place for some really great food, walked around a bit and explored some places, and also, ended up buying leather jackets for dirt cheap prices! The jackets had always been on our list, but hadn’t found anything that was to our taste and yet within our budge.

But on this day, we simply stumbled on to this really nice shop and found the perfect ones! In special colors that we had never seen so far! 💃👫

All in all, a really nice day 😉 Yes a bit tiring, but sooo worth it! Wouldn’t have changed it for the world!

Now if we would have had the car, we wouldn’t have kept it in parking for a long time as it was too expensive. We would have had the appointment, and directly left the city, because we would have never imagined walking around a a commercial city like Eindhoven!

So in the end, because we didn’t get the convenient option of transport, we got to have a fun day and also get a good deal on stuff that we had always wanted! Is that a FF, or what 🤣

My FF thought of the day: Sometimes you may not like a thing you have to do, but if you have no other option but to do it, just try to let it be. It is what it is. You can’t change it, so try to accept what you have to do and keep an open mind, and who knows what good might happen because of it? Maybe you can actually have lots of fun, and a long-standing desire can get fulfilled 😁👌

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