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If Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Just Make Lemonade, Say Yayyyyyyy!!!

Ok so the only seemingly ‘negative’ thing about lemons, is that they are bitter. But besides that, are you kidding me? It has soooo many awesome uses, it is unbelievable! These are all that you can do with it…speaking from experience 😉

  1. Have a tequila 😉
  2. Use it with baking soda as a natural, effective cleaner for the hardest of stains
  3. Drink it every morning with hot water to detoxify your body
  4. Use it to clean almost anything…as I mentioned in my earlier post, I used it to clean my suitcase 😉
  5. Put it in your trash can to keep it smelling tolerable 😉
  6. Wipe the grease from your microwave using hot water and lemon
  7. If your food becomes too spicy or salty, add lemon to take the extra-ness away, and add a tang of freshness
  8. Use it in a hair pack with coconut oil/ banana/ eggs/ yoghurt, or all together, to make your stresses shine
  9. Gargle with hot water and lemon to cure a sore throat
  10. Soak your hands in lemon and hot water to whiten your nails
  11. Make an air freshener with it!
  12. Go wild trying different recipes for cooking and baking!

The list is never-ending! Google it, and you will see 😉

The point is, when life you gives you something which may seem bad, there is not just one way that you can turn the tables around and use it to your advantage…there could be dozens! You could have a ball just getting creative about different ways to get something wonderful done, from whatever stuff you’ve been dealt with!

It all depends on your attitude and perception…avoid it as something bitter, or welcome it as something multi-purposeful and amazing!

The choice is yours. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

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