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It’s AllWays AllRight. Don’t Fight the NOW.

Sometimes it all falls apart. Or it seems it does. You had all these fancy plans, and you thought things were going in the right direction. But then nothing came out of it. And all your plans seemed useless and fruitless. Your dreams, your hopes, whether it be of career success, relationships, maybe even financial abundance, seemed to go up in smoke, leaving you teary-eyed and drained.

And then you got frustrated and maybe you blamed yourself. Maybe you weren’t doing it right, maybe you attracted all the wrong people, maybe you just don’t know what and how to do things, maybe you’re not even good enough, or even worthy enough. And you thought it’s all a waste…of time, emotions, effort. And now you have to restart everything.

But there is something to remember through moments like this.
Accept it. This moment. Accept the NOW. It’s leading you to the next. It’s all right, because you are work-in-progress anyway. Every day you are a little bit better and more knowledgeable than yesterday, and that’s such a beautiful feeling to have all the time.

Relax. Breathe. Trust. For now, in this minute, it’s all right, in all ways. ALL is RIGHT. In every way. In ALL WAYS. And it is like that always. Things are unfolding perfectly all the time, as they should, for you to go where you want to. This moment, no matter how disruptive it seems, is actually happening to shine a flashlight on the next step you need to take to reach your goal. Can you see that shining path through the darkness, through this moment of fog?

I have learnt that things may not exactly work out like my plan. Can go quite in the contrary direction, in fact. But based on personal history, bad times haven’t lasted, they have always led to something much more beautiful, and the clouds of despair have passed. And so it will again.

And then, when the brilliance of life shows up again, I will know that the clouds were just thin wisps of air that were hiding the magnificence of the real blessings that I have. Of the light that is always existent, the light that is me, the light that is life.

In this moment, I hear you when you say it is unbelievably difficult to believe that these circumstances are going to turn around. I really, really feel you. Trust me, I have been there many times. But as you think about every situation that has not improved, think about at least two that have. And you will know what I mean.

That is why #gratitude is so important. When we are feeling down, and we have a good conversation with a friend, at that moment it feels better. We feel like we will survive. But when we are alone again we tend to lose that feeling. And it is then that we need to focus on every simple thing that we are lucky to have, no matter how very tiny (yes, even the fact that you had a nice cup of coffee), and we will know that there is happiness within sadness. With gratitude, we will have faith that it is actually all going to be ok eventually. That it is ok now. This moment, whether it seems like it or not, is perfect.

After all, if we ask for real happiness, we don’t get happiness directly, we get opportunities that will make us happy. And sometimes that opportunity is through a seemingly difficult path. So my lesson in life is that it is AllWays AllRight. Don’t fight the tough times, try to be calm, breathe, accept and embrace them as an opportunity to know yourself more and to own your life, to own where you want to go.

My FF thought* of the day: Choose your thoughts, create your life. Have #faith that the #happiness you want is coming soon. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

*FF = Full Full. The glass is not half full, it’s always full full: 1/2 with water, 1/2 with air, even though you can’t see the air. In short, there is always something good in everything.

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