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My Beer Washed Suitcase!

So remember earlier I talked about a beach trip when I got a delicious midnight snack for free from a kind hotel staff?

Well in that same trip, as soon as we reached the hotel and was waiting in the bar for our rooms, we had asked for some beverages. As the waiter brought it to us, his hand slipped, and there was beer all over my precious little suitcase! Now Alex likes his beer quite strong, so my suitcase was drenched in one litre of strong-smelling beer 🙁

Now I must say, I am quite attached to this suitcase. It has stayed strong beside me for 5 years. It’s so small and light that it never attracts attention from Ryanair staff 😉 Yet it can pack a whole bunch of stuff! Perfect for weekend trips and cabin baggage!

And I didn’t particularly like it soaked and alcohol-smelly. And there wasn’t much sun around to put it out in and get the smell off.

Being a huge fan of lemon, suddenly an inspirtaion hit me, and I asked the waiter for lots of lemon, and scrubbed my suitcase heavily with it. Even if it got more wet in the process, I just kept rubbing it till I could only smell lemon! There, so that was taken care of 😉 It had some lemon bits on it, and didn’t look the cleanest, but at least it wasn’t smelly! I was glad 🙂

But here’s the best part. As I took it out today for another trip, I just got a wet cloth and wiped it a bit. And hey presto! All the lemon bits came off, and the suitcase was super clean and shiny!

To be honest, this was maybe just the 2nd time that my suitcase got a good cleaning in 5 years. And the funny thing is, I had been wanting to clean it for sometime, but had always postponed and procrastinated. And this 2nd round wouldn’t have happened, had there been no beer shower! So that was a good thing after all 🙂

My FF thought of the day: Sometimes you put off some tasks meaning to do it some day. It’s there in your mind,not in action. Maybe sometimes, the universe gets fed up with your procrastination, and in its own way, slightly nudges you towards doing it 😉 So trust the present. Trust the little annoying things. There’s a reason for it happening. Deal with it the best you can, and nothing but good will come out of it later. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

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