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When Life Gets You Down, This is Why You Should Think About the Trees in Winter

Barren. Gloomy. Brown. Almost dead.

That’s how the trees in the winter look, don’t they? I don’t know about you, but 8 years ago, I saw them for the first time, and frankly, just wanted to run from them like hell! I missed my tropical green…:(

I first arrived in Europe in the fall. And in my first winter, the landscape was so dull and dreary to me, I felt like I was in depression half the time. And the cold rain and wind didn’t help either! People also seemed unusually snappy.

Some people said there is beauty in the winter. And when the soft snow gently drapes the landscape in pristine white, it is indeed a spellbinding sight.

But without the snow? Nah, not so much.

Especially if I ever was sad because of some personal stuff going on, I avoided looking outside the window at all costs. That would probably give me a power kick straight to despair and hopelessness!

Not that that helped, but my genius subconscious mind told me that might work, so I tried it. Oh well, somehow I survived that first winter.

And then it was spring.

Life came back.

The sun came out!

Ok, ok, that was only occasionally, 😉 but hey, after 3 months of gloom and grey, those little peeks of sunshine I wouldn’t have exchanged for a zillion dollars!

And the trees? Oh the trees! Green and pink leaves enveloped the branches in tight welcome-back hugs, and the landscape was now coated in shades of green that cannot be captured in any human-created paint palette.

There was this lovely crisp smell in the air, there were more people on the streets, and they seemed happier to me. I knew I was! Actually I had never experienced true spring before, and this was just such an amazing fresh feeling.

And then it was summer. Ooh la la! The European summer! No matter how much is said about it, is not enough. The bright sun, the happy faces, the long picnics and walk in the park, the gelato…

And then it was autumn, and then winter came again.

But this time in the winter the trees didn’t look so sad and lonely anymore.

Because I knew, for a fact, without any doubt, that spring would come.

That’s just a fact.

The green would be back.

And that’s the same thing with life.

Bad times don’t last forever. There are ups and downs, and dark periods sometimes, but the light always comes back. We just have to know it does.

You know what that is?


Never lose it.

Because no matter how bad the winter of your life seems right now, spring will come. Soon.

So now whenever life gets me down, and I feel sad, I think about the winter trees. They don’t fill me with dread anymore, just remind me, that the green is just on it’s way.

And sometimes, I look at the trees, and actually can finally, appreciate their beauty. Yes, even in the winter. There is a certain openness about them, that they can strip down to bare nothing, without any mask on, reveal their true core, even if that’s not considered beautiful, and still stand proud. Something that at least very few humans are capable of.

So now my window shades are always up 🙂

My Full Full thought of the day: Life is largely about our perspective about it. Once the trees made me feel depressed. And now that I look at them with faith and expectation for the future, they represent, to me, just a momentary downward curve in an ongoing cycle of the world. They represent hope.

So the next time that you are down, think about the winter trees. Think about how they are now, and think about the green and light that will come back.

When you know that something grey is not going to be permanent, then you know you won’t be drowned by it. You will survive. It will pass when it has to, you will overcome it, and the sun will be there soon. It has to. That’s just how this whole mystery of life works.

And this faith, this hope, will also give you power to smile and shine through every downward curve in life. So it’s all in your hands. All about your perspectives, your beliefs, and your energy. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

*FF = Full Full. The glass is not half full, it’s always full full: 1/2 with water, 1/2 with air, even though you can’t see the air. In short, there is always something good in everything.






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