From Fussy Client Requests to More Cash ;)

I have this fabulous client whom I love working together with, refreshing his whole brand. He is also friendly and good-spirited, so it’s a good relationship.

Now I made this design for him which I was convinced was brilliant and right on brand, but he had other ideas. So what’s new, you ask? He is a client, after all! Anyway, so I had spent quite some time working it around to the way he wants.

Today we had a call and he said he loved it. Yayy!!

But then, he asked me to do one more edit…an edit that he had asked for 10 times previously, and I had explained to him every time why it absolutely doesn’t work.

And then he goes and tells me again today to do it. I was like grrrrrr!!! I know he’s a good person and client, but he’s really behaving like a little boy adamantly demanding something not good for him.

So first I thought, ok, am really lucky to have him as a client. Love the work, grateful for the money. But still…you know? We’ve had this discussion repeatedly before! And, it irks me whenever a brand goes off brand.

Oh well, as I was about to lose my patience, and on the verge of giving him a lecture about how he should try to understand a bit more about branding, I thought, hmm, hang on a sec. Maybe if in my opinion he is behaving like a little boy, why not deal with him how I would deal with my nephew, who throws tantrums too?

With my nephew, to calm him down, I usually try to listen to him first, why he wants something, and then propose other options that can also make him happy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not 😉 So I told my client ok, we can do this edit, but may be in some other ways.

So we discussed about those, but in the end, he eventually said we don’t need to do it. Haaa!!!! Strategy worked 😉 Honestly, didn’t know it would, was just trying my luck!

But listen to the best part! At the end of the call, he said he was happy that I was always patient and on board with him, that I understand his needs, and expressed appreciation for all the work I do for him…AND even offered to give me more projects, which means more money!

Isn’t that absolutely brilliant? So good!

FF tip of the day: If someone is getting on your nerves, just try to hold on that little extra bit, give him/ her the benefit of doubt, and try creative ways to find solutions! You never know how it may pay off 😉 After all, we all want to feel heard, understood, and important. So maybe do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Age-old advise never gets old, ahem 😉

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